Session #5 Gender

How Gender Structures the Prison System. Bringing feminist, trans and queer theory to bear on the sex-segregated prison system. The construction of “prison masculinities.”

“Required” Readings:

Girshick, “Out of Compliance” from Captive Genders

Lamble_”Transforming Carceral Logics” from Captive Genders

Law, “Mothers and Children” from Resistance Behind Bars

Nair, “How to Make Prisons Disappear” from Captive Genders

Saffin, “Identities Under Siege” from Captive Genders

Spade, “Administrating Gender” from Normal Life

“Required” Videos:

Dean Spade: The Most Imprisoning Nation in the World (Part 1/2)

Dean Spade: Trickle Up Social Justice (Part 2/2)

Prison Industrial Complex– Trans Views

Suggestions for going further:


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