Session #4 Solitary

Solitary Confinement, Life Sentences and Death Row. Race discrimination in sentencing trends. Does solitary confinement make either society or prison populations safer?

“Required” Readings:

Culbert, “Beyond Intention,” from The Killing State

Dayan, Chapters 5-7 from Cruel and Unusual

A Letter from Marissa– Florida Battered Woman Sentenced to 20 for Firing Warning Shot

Mother Jones Special Report on Solitary by Shane Bauer 

Schlesinger, “The Failure of Race Neutral Policies” 

“Required” Videos:

Video: Kathy Boudin speaks on “long-termers” and “permanent punishment”

Video: Solitary Confinement as Torture

Suggestions for going further:

Death Row Diary: blog of executed prisoner William Van Poyck published by his sister

New Yorker Report on solitary confinement, “Hellhole” 


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