Session #3 War Machine

Immigrant Detention & the War Machine. Examining the explosive rate of immigrant detention (429,000 annually in 2011, according to the ACLU), the use of prison labor in military work alongside a discussion of Guatanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.

“Required” Readings:

Guantanamo prisoner who died had troubled past

Bosworth, “The New Detention” from Explaining U.S. Imprisonment

Dow, “Out West” from American Gulag

Miller, “The Impact of Mass Incarceration on Immigration Policy” from Invisible Punishment

Stern, “The International Impact of U.S. Policies” from Invisible Punishments

Urbina, “Prison Labor Fuels the U.S. War Machine” from Prison Profiteers

“Required” Videos:

The U.S. Immigration Detention Boom

Fastest Growing Incarceration System in the U.S.

The Detention Process: what happens when someone is detained by ICE?

Suggestions for going further:

Mos Def Talking the Truth


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