Session #2 Culture

The Cultural Impacts of Mass Incarceration. Social and economic effects of the PIC on targeted communities and families. Emotional and psychological costs of mass incarceration.

“Required” Readings:

Alexander, “The New Jim Crow” excerpted from The New Jim Crow

Chesney-Lind, “Imprisoning Women” excerpted from Invisible Punishment

Clear, “In Their Own Voices” from Imprisoning Communities

Mauer, “African Americans Justice and the Criminal Justice System

“Required” Videos:

Link: Pew Charitable Trusts on Sentencing and Corrections

Video: Senate Accepts Deal to Kick Formerly Incarcerated Off Food Benefits

Video: Angela Davis and Michelle Alexander– End Mass Incarceration

Suggestions for going further:

Clear, “The Problem of Mass Incarceration Concentrated in Poor Places” from Imprisoning Communities

Rubinstein, Welfare and Housing: Denial of Benefits to Drug Offenders” from Invisible Punishment

Video: Michelle Alexander speaks on her book The New Jim Crow (59min 21sec)


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