Session #1 What is the PIC?

What is the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC)? An overview of the California political economy, prison construction as a “development” strategy, prison labor and unions. The War on Drugs. An anti-capitalist approach to the PIC and abolition movement.

Speaker #1: Emily Harris from Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB)

Speaker #2: Urszula from the California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP)

“Required” Readings:

Davis, “The Prison Industrial Complex,” excerpted from Are Prisons Obsolete?

Gilmore, “The Prison Fix” excerpted from The Golden Gulag

Huling, “Building a Prison Economy in Rural America” from Invisible Punishment

Mosher, “Don’t Build It Here,” from Prison Profiteers

“Required” Videos:

Video: DOJ promotional video to increase industry use of prison labor

Video: Attack in Private Prison Caught on Video

Video: Michelle Alexander on the War on Drugs and the Politics Behind It

Video: Ruth Gilmore “Beyond The Prison Industrial Complex” (59min)

Video: Tim Wise– Institutional Racism in American Society is Real

Video: Dave Chapelle and his white friend Chip

Suggestions for going further:

Alexander, “The Rebirth of Caste”excerpted from The New Jim Crow

Gilmore, “The CA Political Economy” excerpted from The Golden Gulag

Gilmore, “Crops, Crime and Capitalism” excerpted from Golden Gulag

Levingston, “Making the Bad Guys Pay ” excerpted from Prison Profiteers

Video: Retired Cop from LEAP Speaks about The War on Drugs

Video: Angela Davis: Slavery and the Prison Industrial Complex (2hrs)

Video: Michelle Alexander on Drug War Racism (1hr 7min)


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