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Session Overview:

  1. What is the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC)? An overview of the California political economy, prison construction as a “development” strategy, prison labor and unions. The War on Drugs.
  2. The Cultural Impacts of Mass Incarceration. Social and economic effects of the PIC on targeted communities and families. Emotional and psychological costs of mass incarceration.
  3. Immigrant Detention. Examining the explosive rate of immigrant detention (429,000 annually in 2011, according to the ACLU) alongside a brief discussion of Guatanamo Bay and extraordinary rendition.
  4. Solitary Confinement, Life Sentences and Death Row. Race discrimination in sentencing trends. Does solitary confinement make either society or prison populations safer?
  5. How Gender Structures the Prison System. Bringing feminist and queer theory to bear on the sex-segregated prison system. The construction of “prison masculinities.”
  6. Educate to Incarcerate. The intersection of school discipline and juvenile detention. The school-to-prison pipeline and profiling youth culture. Growing up with parents in prison.

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